Restore your credit FAST

The Credit Restoration of Nevada Fast Track program provides you with the peace of mind that within 12 weeks,  in most cases–we will have your credit profile cleaned up and updated, removing negative, unverifiable and inaccurate information. Our insight, unparalleled success and results combined with our knowledge of credit law, consumer rights and years of work with creditors, lenders, customers and the bureaus will provide you with the results we stand behind with the ONLY money back guarantee in the credit industry!

You pay a one-time initial work fee after signing up for our services, for the initial upload of data from your credit file along with the abstract and analysis of all data. That fee is not billed until our work is complete.

You will ONLY be charged $65.00 PER DELETION. No monthly fees, no hidden charges.

In the event we are unable to achieve any deletions for you-we will refund you your initial work fee 100%.

In order for us to review and analyze your report and to move forward with the Fast Track program we ask that you set up an account with, this site is owned by Experian and will cost you $1.00 for the first 7 days. After the 7 days they will charge you a monthly fee—IF you call them at 866-506-7894 and ask them for the REDUCED monthly amount, it will cost you $14.97 for the monitoring during the period of time that we are working with the 3 bureaus. You can also use the same phone number to call and cancel the service to make sure you are not billed more than the $1.00 if you decide not to move forward with our service. You may also use the Experian or Privacy Guard websites for monitoring.







Analysis by a certified FICO Pro
Score Analysis
Unlimited Credit Bureau Challenges
Personal Advisor
24/7 access to your credit portal
Inquiry validation/removal
Debt Validation Letters on All Collection items
Cease and Desist Letters
Cell Phone Call Protection
Direct Settlement
Pay To Delete With Collection Agencies