The removal of inquiries is one of the most effective ways to raise your credit score. Depending on your credit score an individual inquiry can cost you 5-7 points.

If you are looking for a possible  quick boost to your credit score, allow us to review the inquiries on all three credit reports to see how we can assist you in removing inquiries that don’t belong on your report.

A common myth from consumers that contact us with inquiry issues revolves around what can happen as you shop for a car.  We are allotted a certain window of time–generally 2 weeks for auto shopping where inquiries–no matter how many are done, only count for one. If you are concerned about multiple inquiries related to car shopping, you can take a deep breath as long as they all happen within a tight window.

In the process of restoring your credit and removing items that are questionable–taking a good look at inquiries to see what can be removed is a great strategy. Every point helps in your quest to increase your FICO score.

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