We use seasoned tradelines with perfect payment history to provide a real time increase to your credit profile, think of them as training wheels for your credit. We add the lines (up to 4) and you see your credit score grow immediately.

With tradelines, you ‘adopt’ a credit card holder’s great pay history and low balances on high limit credit cards.  You get the immediate benefit of the length of the credit history, a card that has been open 5 years adds an additional 5 years of positive credit history to your report.

35% of your FICO score is calculated by your payment history and 30% is your use of revolving credit.  If you have perfect credit with one credit card that is maxed out at $5000.00, you will have a credit score below 700 because you are at 100% usage of your available credit.  Add a couple of tradelines with 3-5 years of payment history and $15,000 available and now you are at 20% of your usage and a score well north of 720, probably approaching  730.

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